Self-portraits and portraits

Future self-portrait: Gentle arms, 2019

Future self-portrait: Contemplating past mistakes, 2019

ABOVE: Early photos from a series of 'Future Self-portraits' where I imagine my future self looking back to the current present.

BELOW: Self-portraits directly facing into the studio light, emphasising the contrast between the dark background and the illumination on the subject.

Self-portrait: Facing the light, 2019

Self-portrait: As a musician, 2018

BELOW: Portraits of performers interacting with the studio light.  

Josephine, dancing with the light, 2019

Luigi, top hat and rainbow, 2018

BELOW: Self-portraits revealing some of the hidden attributes of the human psyche, that we don't see at first sight in our everyday and fleeting interactions with each other.

Love/hate: alcohol, 2019

Self-portrait: orange trousers, 2020

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